The 10 Commandments of Medical School

Medical school is that elusive goal that you spend so much time trying to achieve.  What do you do now that you are in? The stakes got a lot higher and your day to day got a whole lot harder. Following a certain set of guidelines is crucial to help keep you grounded and to teach you the mindset on how to succeed.  We have outlined 10 commandments of medical school that should help provide you with a mental template to handle all that comes your way.

  1. Do not be afraid to ask for help
  2. Develop a routine
  3. Do and do not trust what you hear
  4. Study dynamically not statically
  5. Be adaptable
  6. Embrace the difficulty
  7. Procrastination can be a healthy strategy
  8. Remember your end goal
  9. Have outlets
  10. Have fun!
These 10 commandments apply to medical school, but they also apply to any graduate student. Feel free to use these 10 commandments as you journey through medical school, but also feel free to add or change whatever works for you. Print this, tape it to your wall, desk, or share it with a friend. Having a constant reminder of who you are, where you came from, what you live by and where you are going are important towards your success. In our subsequent posts, we will explore each commandment in more detail.